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カテゴリ エンターテインメント  更新 2011/07/28  対応端末 iPhone,iPod touch,iPad  言語 英語   販売業者 Andres Lopez

Are you the kind of person willing to create, design and develop your own iOS world? Then you are just a tap away from it! Avoid difficult and tedious coding with this handy app.

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"AppFresh Daily - DevmyAPP: One of the top five apps for July 28, 2011." - AppAdvice.com

DevmyAPP offers an intelligent solution with a great interface for all your development needs.

What can you easily code with DevmyAPP?

- VIEWS AND TRANSITIONS: Create views and add animated transitions to them.
- SHARED APPS: Launch external native apps such as Safari, Phone or Messages.
- ANIMATIONS: Create basic animations.
- WEB VIEWS: Create Web Views to navigate the internet with customized controls.
- MAP VIEWS: Create Maps that can be switched between hybrid and satellite and offer the option to point to the user's location.
- SCROLLING TEXTS: Create labels that scroll across the screen.
- SHAKE API: Create actions to be performed when your iDevice is shaken.
- IN-APPS: Launch native apps such as Messages or Mail, and use them inside of your app.
- ALERT VIEWS: Create customized Alert Views.
- ROTATION MODE: Make your app support landscape mode when your iDevice is rotated.
- VIBRATION: Trigger vibrations for specific actions.

Every feature includes a description and the ability to interact with real examples integrated in the app, to preview its code and also to have the code emailed to you. The code contains comments and explanations of what can be customized in order to fit your application’s needs.

This is a must-have app for iOS developers that want to enhance their creations with powerful features and also for those who have just started developing for the amazing iOS platform.

- In order to develop for iOS you need a MAC-based computer.
- To understand and implement the code contained in this app, you need to have some programming knowledge (preferably Objective-C).

Check out DevmyAPP in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh-9g1H8tFI

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