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INStan Pocket Lite - Toy Digital Camera

INStan Pocket Lite - Toy Digital Camera


カテゴリ ブック  更新 2011/11/10  対応端末 iPhone,iPod touch,iPad  言語 英語   販売業者 Yasuhiro Kume

INStan Pocket Lite is a toy digital camera that allows you to capture any moment.

INStan Pocket will amuse anyone, from toy digital cameras experts to beginners!

iPhone (3GS/4/4S), iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 4.3 or later.
* Note: the app doesn't support other iOS devices other than listed above.

---Basic buttons---
01. WB button: Set Auto/Lock white balance. After taking a picture, the settings of AF, EX or WB button automatically returns to the auto mode.
02. EX button: Set Auto/Lock exposure.
03. AF button: Set Auto/Lock autofocus. (*)
04. (NEW) PREVIEW button: When the “PREVIEW” button is set to on, you can preview a photo before processing. When it's off, instead, the photo will be directly saved to the Photo Library.
(* iPod touch 4th generation does not support autofocus.)

05. Color button: Select a color effect.
06. Tone button: Select the intensity of an effect or frame.
07. Shutter button: Take a picture.

(Remove the monitor)
You can remove the monitor by swiping upward on the camera part (the bottom half of the screen) of INStan Pocket. The app features 2 monitors and each of them contains different themes with color effects. The monitor will return back to its position by swiping down on the screen with your finger. You can also take a picture without the monitor as in a "viewfinderless" camera.

(Toggle between front and back)
The format change button is placed on the front display. Swipe left on the camera part (the bottom half of the screen) of INStan Pocket to show the front body and change the button. Swipe right to return to the previous screen.

● Resolution (px)
SQUARE LOW-Resolution / 480 × 480



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